BALMORAL INTL is a young business created in July 2017.


The aim of BALMORAL INTL is to help companies export with the implementation of specific ranges (products, packaging, logistics) and teams dedicated to the International arena. BALMORAL INTL also develops a trading activity.


BALMORAL INTL is made up of a very experienced team built around:


Xavier BESSARD with more than 25 years of field experience in food (United Biscuits), DPH (P&G), BAZAR (Rozenbal),


Estelle DURANT with more than 20 years experience in Export Sales expertise covering the same domains.


Estelle and Xavier have worked together for many years and thus guarantee optimal responsiveness.


Estelle takes care of export-related procedures (licences, inspections, credit letters, insurance payments, currency invoicing, logistics ...) while Xavier handles field-related activities as a salesman (market analysis, geopolitics, geostrategy, opening of new markets, prospecting, customer follow-up...).


Our catalogue is rich in products but the essence of BALMORAL INTL is its human talent and its actions on the ground

It is a team with a strong appraisal and results culture.

Who are we?

  • Africa covering the entire continent, with stronger experience in North Africa, West Africa,Central Africa and the South.

  • The Caribbean with its strong development potential.

  • India offers the greatest potential while being one of the world's most difficult markets to understand and penetrate given that it is a multitude of markets.

  • The Middle East : with both a global and country by country vision in the understanding that business in the United Arab Emirates differs from that in Saudi Arabia or Qatar. These countries are very particular and relationships are very important. It is also fundamental to analyse the balance of power between countries and factions.

  • The indian Ocean including Reunion and also Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte and the Comoros.

  • The Pacific with New Zealand (which allows tests for later expansion into Australia), New Caledonia (in complete transition), Polynesia and also Singapore.

  • Pakistan offers exceptional opportunities both for import and export.

  • Persia : with a historical presence on Iran and Iraq.

  • Russia : a huge and complex country, difficult to access but with great potential.



BALMORAL INTL therefore incorporates both advice and trade , given that the objective of any company is to expand and to sell. We help you to build an export strategy, to identify the best route(s) for your products, to train your employees on Export specifics. We assist you in local set up and to export from your new location.


Markets like Russia and India require considerable adaptation. We have the skills and especially the local contacts.


BALMORAL INTL is a responsive, flexible structure at your side as an Exporter or Importer.


We have a structure in the United Arab Emirates that allows us to import and export directly to Africa, the Middle East and India.

Our commitment is excellence from France to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and also in the reverse direction. 

The objective of BALMORAL INTL

is to help you obtain greater international

presence and effectiveness


Our areas of activities

Our partnerships

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