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Household products sold over the world

Qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we ?

BALMORAL INTL is a young structure, created in July 2017.


Located in the Lyon metropolitan area, in Ecully (69130), BALMORAL INTERNATIONAL is active internationally with ranges that include mainly household products sold in supermarkets (POL'HOP and WEAZY brands). Our products are manufactured in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Turkey). The ranges include brooms, brushes, mops, gloves, sponges, hangers, clothes pegs, etc. POL'HOP products are easy to use, innovative, durable and designed and produced with the environment in mind. POL'HOP makes your life easier! 


Our main areas are Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and Russia. We  are also the export department for HERITAGE, which sells VIGOR, TERRA, O'CEDAR, MINIDOU, DECAPFOUR, MIROR, BARANNE and BONUX detergents, most of which are manufactured in France and which are perfectly complementary to our household products. We also have a range of cosmetics (EUROPCOSMETICS) mainly made in Europe.

Nos activités

Our export areas

Pol'Hop à l'international

​Export is our business. We are present and recognized in more than 50 countries around the world. Thus, 100% of turnover is made on an international scale.

  • Africa covering the entire continent, with strong experience in North Africa, West Africa, Central and South Africa. Mars, our commercial is based in Abidjan,

  • The Caribbean with strong development potential.  

  • Indiwhich offers the greatest potential while being one of the most difficult markets in the world to understand and to enter,

  • The Middle East with both a global and country-by-country vision, understanding that companies in the United Arab Emirates are different from those in Saudi Arabia or Qatar. These countries are very special and the relationships are very important. It is also fundamental to analyze the balance of power between countries and factions,

  • Persia  with a historical presence in Iran and Iraq.

  • Indian Ocean, including Reunion and also Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Seychelles and Comoros,

  • The pacific with New Zealand (which makes it possible to carry out tests for an expansion, in a second time, in Australia), New Caledonia (in complete transition), Polynesia, and also Singapore,​​

  • Russia is a huge and complex country, difficult to access which always provides opportunities but complicated to exploit because of American and European sanctions. We maintain our presence to prepare for the post-sanctions period. Anna, our sales representative, is based in Moscow,

  • Ukraina, it is important to take a position on the reconstruction of this country, which wishes to be linked to Europe but which has very important specificities.

  • Turkey country in which we opened our subsidiary, FANCY HOME, in June 2022. We manufacture our technical products and export them to neighboring countries. Our team is based in Istanbul.

Our area of commercial actions is constantly expanding to be closer to our partners.​​​​​

Our brands

We mainly develop our brand POL’HOP dedicated to international markets with a wide range of products in brushes, mops, dishcloths, sponges, laundry accessories, etc. Our brand is well suited to each type of market that we cover (from Premium to economical products, from consumer products to professionals) with a quality and ecology approach. POL’HOP is made in France, Spain, Italy. Our more technical products are available under the brand WEAZY, made in Turkey (subsidiary).

Today POL'HOP - WEAZY represents more than 150 unique products with dazzling colors (silver and green), very good value for money and above all a promise: "Make it easy!".

Also visit our Tips & Tricks on POL'HOP website!

Logo officiel Pol'Hop

Export Strategy

Our strategy is to grow internationally and only internationally. Thus POL'HOP and WEAZY are only distributed for export to protect our local partners from any parallel distribution.


We have two logistics platforms: one based near Marseille, France's leading port, the other located in Istanbul. These two platforms are equipped with an EDI system. They allow us:

  • Receipt of goods

  • Quality control

  • Storage

  • Order preparation

  • Shipment of orders

+33 4 13 95 06 71
For the supplier would like to work with us, please contact us at

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